Top 10 Android Apps for Women’s Personal Security

  • In today’s ever-empowered world, women continue to face the unfortunate reality of accidents and crimes. As mobile devices have become central to various aspects of our lives, it’s only natural that women’s safety should also find its place in the digital realm. To address this need, we have compiled a list of the top personal safety Android apps specifically designed for women. These apps offer a range of features, from SOS alerts and emergency contacts to location sharing and community advice, all aimed at providing women with the security they deserve. Take a closer look at the list below to discover the perfect app for you.


  • Noonlight stands out as a unique app that addresses potential threats as well as real-time emergencies. It serves a dual purpose: assisting you in situations where you’re unsure whether to call 911, and providing immediate help when you’re genuinely in trouble. By simply pressing and holding the button on your Android phone during uneasy situations, you can alert the authorities when you feel real danger. You can also reach out for help by making calls or sending text messages.

SOS Alert

  • SOS Alert is an emergency Android app that enables you to quickly reach out to your emergency contacts when facing dangerous situations, automatically informing them of your location. With its user-friendly interface and ad-free experience, anyone can easily utilize this app. With just one tap, you can send a distress signal to your emergency contacts or send pre-stored SOS messages.

Women Safety

  • True to its name, the Women Safety app ensures your loved ones are promptly informed when you find yourself in a troubling situation. This app allows you to send an email to your emergency contacts containing your location, along with two pictures and/or a video or audio message. By using the green, orange, and red buttons, you can quickly convey whether you’re safe, cautious, or in immediate danger to your emergency contacts.

Personal Safety

Exclusively available for Pixel phones, Personal Safety is an app that keeps you connected to your emergency contacts and first responders. This app allows you to share your real-time location and automatically triggers emergency sharing after a set time. With Personal Safety, you can stay prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.


  • Guardians is an app that empowers you to invite your friends and family as your guardians. In the event of an emergency, your guardians will receive notifications, sharing your GPS location exclusively with them. By enabling “forever sharing,” your guardians will always know your whereabouts. Additionally, they can receive alerts about your phone’s battery life, network strength, and other vital information for your safety.

Microsoft Family Safety

  • Designed for the whole family, the Microsoft Family Safety app ensures both digital and physical safety. By monitoring your child’s online activities and implementing parental controls, you can protect your children from the threats of the digital world. Additionally, you can track your family’s location, even without an internet connection, and gain insights into their driving habits.

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  • SoSecure instills confidence in your safety and security with its virtual ADT assistant. This app offers a range of features, including roadside assistance, crash detection, and voice-activated emergency calls. With SoSecure, you can navigate your daily life knowing you have a reliable companion by your side.


  • UrSafe is a hands-free personal safety Android app that integrates with emergency services. By using voice commands, you can alert the authorities in unsafe situations. The app allows you to set specific safe words that trigger various responses, ensuring your security in over 200 countries.

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WanderSafe Safety App

  • Ideal for travelers, the WanderSafe Safety App offers location-based maps that allow you to explore neighborhoods while providing advice and alerts about potential unsafe areas. Equipped with an SOS button, the app immediately notifies three emergency contacts. Additionally, it provides a personal assistant feature that guides you through trusted data sources, ensuring you can confidently explore the outdoors.

My Safetipin

  • My Safetipin is a unique tool that enables you to contribute to the safety of your city. By evaluating different parameters, you can conduct safety audits of various locations in terms of safety, people, public transport, and overall atmosphere. Moreover, you earn points for evaluating different aspects, becoming an active member of the safety community. You can also invite your loved ones to track and discover the safest routes within the city.

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  • With the advancement of technology, personal safety apps for women have become indispensable tools in ensuring security in today’s world. These Android apps offer a variety of features, from immediate SOS alerts to location sharing and community support. Choose the app that best suits your needs and take control of your personal safety, empowering yourself in all aspects of life.

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