Phantom Blade Zero: A New Beginning in a Long Journey

  • Phantom Blade Zero is an upcoming hack and slash RPG that promises to take players on a thrilling adventure in a universe where various powers converge. In this article, we delve into the origins and inspirations behind the game, exploring its unique features and what players can expect from this highly anticipated release.

1.   The Birth of Phantom Blade: From Indie Game to Franchise

  • The journey of Phantom Blade began with an indie game called Rainblood: Town of Death, developed by the founder of S-Game, Soulframe Liang. Back in 2010, Liang created this game using RPG Maker as a means to escape the challenges he faced while studying architecture. After returning to China, he established S-Game with the vision of creating more games. Rainblood evolved into a franchise and eventually became known as Phantom Blade. Although most of the games were originally intended for the Chinese market, they managed to amass a fan base of over 20 million.

2.   Introducing Phantom Blade Zero: The Spiritual Rebirth

  • Phantom Blade Zero represents the culmination of S-Game’s aspirations to create the game they always dreamed of and share it with the world. Serving as a spiritual rebirth of the original Rainblood, Phantom Blade Zero is a significantly larger and more immersive experience. The game has undergone a transition from RPG Maker to the powerful Unreal Engine 5 while preserving its core essence.

3.    Enter the World of Kungfupunk

  • Phantom Blade Zero is set in a universe known as Phantom World, where various powers intersect. This world combines elements of Chinese Kungfu, steampunk-inspired machinery, occult arts, and other intriguing phenomena that defy categorization. Players will embark on an adventure as Soul, an elite assassin serving a secretive and influential organization called “The Order.” Framed for the murder of The Order’s leader and critically wounded during the subsequent manhunt, Soul must uncover the mastermind behind these events within the limited timeframe of 66 days. Throughout the game, players will confront formidable adversaries and inhuman creatures, heightening the stakes of their mission.

4.    Crafting an Immersive World

  • Phantom Blade Zero unfolds within a semi-open world environment. While the concept of an “open world” has gained immense popularity, S-Game has chosen to focus on creating multiple maps of reasonable size rather than a vast, continuous landscape filled with reused assets. Each map is meticulously handcrafted and populated with diverse activities, offering players a captivating and immersive experience. The game’s visual style embraces darkness and bleakness, allowing the characters with hearts of gold to shine brightly against the backdrop. Furthermore, the desolate world serves as a constant reminder of the dangers lurking within, keeping players on their guard. Engaging in challenging encounters with powerful enemies will yield rewarding loot, including weapons, armor, artifacts, skills, and other means of character customization and progression.

5.    Authentic Kungfu Moves: A Perfect Balance

  • As avid fans of the hack and slash genre, the creators of Phantom Blade Zero drew inspiration from renowned titles such as Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden. While these games offer exhilarating gameplay with a wide range of moves and blistering speed, they might not suit every player’s preferences. With the rising popularity of strategic action games like Soulslikes and Monster Hunter, a slower and more tactical approach has become favored by many. However, S-Game aims to strike a balance between these two extremes, delivering the sleek and breathtaking moves reminiscent of classic Kungfu movies from the 1990s.

6.    Simplified Controls, Captivating Action

  • During their experience in developing mobile games, the S-Game team learned to simplify gameplay mechanics to accommodate touchscreens while allowing players to execute intricate move combinations with minimal button-mashing. To their delight, this mechanism seamlessly translates to controller-based gameplay as well. Adding to the authenticity and excitement, S-Game has enlisted the services of Mr. Kenji Tanigaki, an esteemed action director known for his captivating fight scenes in Kungfu movies. Tanigaki’s involvement ensures that each move in Phantom Blade Zero is meticulously designed, with the action captured using handcrafted animations that do justice to the artistry and intricacy of the combat.

7.    The Journey Continues

  • As S-Game tirelessly works on developing Phantom Blade Zero for the PlayStation 5, players can look forward to more exciting news and updates in the near future. Stay tuned for further announcements as the release date draws closer and immerse yourself in a world where Kungfu, punk spirit, and cutting-edge visuals converge.


  • Phantom Blade Zero is poised to be a groundbreaking addition to the hack and slash RPG genre, offering players an immersive and action-packed experience. With its roots in an indie game, the franchise has evolved, and Phantom Blade Zero represents the pinnacle of S-Game’s aspirations. The unique blend of Kungfu, steampunk, and occult elements, coupled with the game’s semi-open world, promises an engaging and captivating journey. The team’s dedication to authentic Kungfu moves and their collaboration with an acclaimed action director ensures that players will be enthralled by the fluid and breathtaking combat sequences. As S-Game continues to work tirelessly on bringing this ambitious project to life, fans eagerly await the release of Phantom Blade Zero.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. When will Phantom Blade Zero be released?

A1. The release date for Phantom Blade Zero has not been announced yet. Stay tuned for updates from S-Game regarding the game’s availability.

Q2. On which platforms will Phantom Blade Zero be available?

A2. Phantom Blade Zero is being developed exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

Q3. Can I expect multiplayer features in Phantom Blade Zero?

A3. As of now, S-Game has not disclosed any information regarding multiplayer features in Phantom Blade Zero. Keep an eye out for future updates for more details.

Q4. Will the game feature character customization options?

A4. Yes, Phantom Blade Zero will provide various means of character customization, including weapons, armor, artifacts, and skills, allowing players to tailor their gameplay experience.

Q5. Is there a demo version of Phantom Blade Zero available?

A5. At present, there is no information available regarding the availability of a demo version for Phantom Blade Zero. Stay tuned for further announcements from S-Game.

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